My family

My family

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thanksgiving in Canada

We went to Michigan for Thanksgiving.  It was a weekend jam-packed with activities.....2 Red Wings games, 1 University of Michigan game, Thanksgiving dinner and 2 days at the casino!  It literally felt like we were awake for five straight days!

Sugar can always tell when we are about to leave.  She sees Jim's suitcase and crawls right in.  Bailey got to spend the holiday with her canine friends at Auntie Ruth's kennel.  Garrett and Delanie jumped a plane to Texas.  As you can see, my husband is not much company on the airplane.

After watching the Red Wings game, we crossed the border into Canada to the Windsor casino.  This is the first time I've ever been to Canada and I couldn't wait to see everything!  (It is another country, after all!).  Let me tell you......Canada doesn't know what to think of the Richardson bunch! :)
It's amazing that you can stand in Detroit & look across the river to see Canada.  You wouldn't expect things to be so different over there but they really were.  First of all, if you use your cell phone, the roaming rates are astronimical.  Truthfully, it was a great excuse to turn our phones off for a few days.  What a wonderful break from our daily life.  :)

There were tons of signs saying "Welcome to Canada".  All the signs were in English & French.....I thought that was cool. 

When we got through the tunnel under the river, we had to stop at the Customs booth.  I really wanted my passport stamped but they thought I was crazy.  Jim kept saying, "Charlotte, it's just like going from Texas to Oklahoma!"  I beg to differ......IT'S ANOTHER COUNTRY!!!  The booth attendant didn't have a stamp so I talked Jim into going into the Customs building to ask.  As we were approaching the building, there were several policement standing around.  When we started to approach them, we were quickly stopped and interrogated.  Evidently they take things very seriously!  Who knew asking for a passport stamp would be such a big deal?  Bottom stamp for me.

Check out the Canadian money.  I'm sure you can imagine Jim's reaction when I told him I wanted a copy of every denomination for my scrapbook.  :)

Stay tuned.....more details to come!