My family

My family

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Life lately

Life has been a crazy combination of getting Delanie ready for her next great adventure and trying to figure out what life looks like for Jim and I as empty-nesters.  

This was Jim after the company left......LOL! 😇

Delanie spent the last few weeks practicing for drum line tryouts at UNT.  


And enjoying the Minnesota summer......

Things started getting real when she started the official countdown.  

When the day arrived for Delanie to say good-bye, we spent the day downtown Minneapolis.

First on the agenda was brunch at the Black Coffee Waffle Bar.  

Then the Mpls Sculpture Gardens......

My favorite part of exploring that day was crossing the Ashbery Bridge.  

After we said our good-byes, I was feeling a bit lost.  The house was super quiet so I curled up on Delanie's bed.  

Jim knew exactly what to do to make me laugh!! 😊

If you know me, you know that I LOVE MOVIES.  Any kind of movies.  

So that's what I did all day Sunday.

Jim checked on me during my movie marathon.  (He was in the basement playing video games.)  Instead of walking his super-fine bootie upstairs, he Face-Timed me.  😐

That guy knows how to make me smile every single time.  

Jim loves the latest gadgets.  In fact, if its on the market, Jim has it.  

Exhibit A:  The "Ring" doorbell....

Yep folks.....we now get text alerts when someone rings the door bell.  

That's my man! 💛

This is what my lunch has looked like this week.  A quick visit to the taco bar then back to my car to listen to a Creative Empire podcast.  

I've been obsessed with doodle-notes lately so this is the way I "study" my podcast notes.  

Kinda cool, right??

And finally..... summer is in full bloom in Minnesota.  

These hydrangeas are bigger than my head!! 


Well, friends.....that's life lately!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Time to party

OK, here it is......the final chapter in Delanie's Graduation extravaganza!

Tons of friends and family showed up to celebrate with us.  What a fun night!

This is Kathleen and her sweet daughter Sarah.  Kathleen was my first friend in Minnesota.  We worked together at a State Farm office in Eden Prairie.  We became fast friends the first time she made fun of my southern accent! 😉

Jim and I have been so lucky in the neighbor department.  Our neighbors sang "Happy Birthday" to Delanie as a joke.  

This little beauty (below) partied till the break of dawn....

There were more than a few tears shed when the slide show played.  Lauren and Maci put the slide show together and it turned out amazing!!

Click on the link below to watch.....

The Suggs girls.....

The B's.....Brandi and Bea....

Garrett Todd and Kevin.....

Tracey and Doug.....

Delanie's best friend Tuba Tom......

Gladys Jean and Myrtle Jean.....

People were EVERYWHERE!  They meandered onto the deck and even down to the fire pit....

The future Mr. & Mrs. Albaugh....

Maci hits the hooch.....

The photo below cracks me up.  That look we are giving Delanie describes it all.  😁

Skye and Sophie - Garrett and Maci's dogs - were on Cloud Nine with all the attention.

The graduate......

My boss and his adorable wife, Suzie, came to celebrate (great photo bomb, Bea!)...

Toward the end of the night, we all got a little slap-happy.  It might have something to do with the alcohol.  LOL!

The love birds....

All in all, it was the perfect way to celebrate our beautiful baby girl.  

It's hard to believe that she will be in college soon.  

The adventure starts now!!