My family

My family

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Come one, come all!

We got great news the week before Italy.  We were having company!

Tracey came into town for a long weekend on Friday, July 1st.  

Delanie and I picked her up from the airport and headed straight to the Mall of America.  

Welcome to Minnesota, Sis!!  :)

We had a blast!  We spent a few hours shopping then headed home. 

The next morning, I was scheduled to volunteer at Art2Heart so Tracey went with me.  

She loved it!  :)

It was perfect timing because that was my first time opening/closing the shop without my trainer.  

It was such a great visit!  Some much-needed one-on-one time.  

That night, we headed out to our favorite restaurant - Malones.  

While there, Delanie taught us how to make time-lapse videos.  

The weekend was over too quick.  

When Monday came, it was time to head back to the airport to say good-bye.

That night.....Garrett, Maci and their dog (Sophie) pulled into the driveway!!  :)

Garrett's only food request - as always - was homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Yes sir......coming right up!

What is July 4th without fireworks???  

 Of course we had to practice our time-lapse videos.....

I'm so glad they brought Sophie!  She is such a sweet dog.  

She definitely has more energy than Bailey.

I mean, look at that precious face! :)

 While the kiddos did all the heavy-lifting with the fireworks, Jim and I sat on the front porch and watched.  

My sweet baby do I love this kid!!

Since Jim and I were leaving the following Saturday, I wasn't able to take off work.  

That part really sucked.  

 To give them something to do, I booked paddle-boards for Wednesday at Lake Minnetonka.  

Evidently, my child forgot the sunscreen.  

Poor guy was absolutely miserable......but still a good sport.....nothing gets this kid down.

He's got on Jim's shirt in this picture.  :)

Before long, it was time to say good-bye again.  

I really hate this part!