My family

My family

Friday, November 21, 2014

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday.......and Happy Anniversary to the Fischers!! :)
I remember this day like it was yesterday. Denise meticulously planned each and every detail of the perfect wedding. Delanie, Bea and I were honored to stand at the altar with her. 

Speaking of the altar, the funniest thing happened up there. Ken walked Denise down the aisle and stopped at the base of the stairs where she met Michael. As Denise and Michael started up the stairs to meet the minister, Denise walked right out of one of her shoes!! Because her dress was so elaborate, we had two choices: 1) dig under her petticoats to put her shoe back on in front of a packed church, or 2) pretend it never happened. We chose the second option. I snatched up the shoe and held it during the entire ceremony (along with my bouquet of flowers AND her bouquet of flowers!!). I was so proud of Denise......unless someone saw me carrying that shoe, you would have never known anything was wrong. :)

One of the wedding day details included dance lessons for Denise and Michael.  Their first dance as a married couple was so incredibly sweet!!


Speaking of dancing, there was no shortage of that during the reception!!! 

I absolutely LOVE the picture below.  Garrett's goofy grin and Delanie's wide-open smile make me one happy momma! :)
Wishing Denise and Michael best wishes as they celebrate such a happy day.
Dallas, TX - 2009

Monday, November 17, 2014

Never gets old....

We got our first big snowfall last week......almost a foot!  I wish these photos did the beauty justice.  Let me tell you......the view never gets old.  :)

Looks like our fire pit won't get any use for a few months......

Friday, November 14, 2014

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday......and Happy Birthday, Bea!! :)
We are going waaaayyyy back for this Flashback Friday in celebration of our birthday.  The Suggs twins - Charlene and Charlotte - in front of the Christmas tree during our Senior year in high school.
I love you long time, Beanie girl!!  I'm so lucky to share my birthday with you.  :) 
Grand Prairie, TX - 1987

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wild Man

Happy birthday to one of my favorite people in the universe........Wild Bill!! :) 

There are a million reasons why I adore this man.....

He is the master caregiver. 
He is super cuddly when he's drinking.
He is the baby whisperer.
He gave both of my children their first bath. 
He has the most contagious laugh ever.
He gets the whole "twin" thing and just goes with it.
He patiently puts up with me and my quirks......and loves me anyway.
He never complains when I raid his stash of vanilla tootsie rolls.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Go big or go home! (Part 2)

When Jim decided to have the deck built, he gave the thumbs up for some backyard landscaping too!!  One of the big things I love about Minnesota is the weather in the Spring and Fall.  It's perfect for cuddling up around an outside firepit.  When we first moved here, Delanie was invited to a bonfire at a friend's house.  Immediately I'm picturing the huge Texas A&M bonfire where they burn telephone poles instead of wood.......yep, that big!  It turned out to be a firepit the friend had in the back yard.  Minnesota's version of a bonfire.  :)
So here is the landscaping plan....  Lots of stone, pavers, boulders, plants and a firepit.

I'm usually really good about taking a drawing like the one above and painting a picture in my head.  Not this time!  When I came home from work the first day, I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. 
Before - The blank slate.
Day 1 - Prepping the backyard for landscape
Day 2 - When I arrived home, this was parked on the side of my house. 
These guys don't mess around!
Day 2 (still!) - The tiny concrete slab outside the back door was removed and the grass dug up to make room for the pavers. 

Day 3 - The firepit was dug out, the stone retaining wall installed.  That black tube is the drainage pipe for when the firepit fills with snow/water/ice in the winter.  It will drain into the pond behind out house. 

View of the firepit from the deck....

Day 3 (still!) - The area under the deck was leveled for the pavers and landscaping.  I love how they painted the outline of the flower beds. 

After much debate, we decided to remove the garden area and take the landscaping all the way up the side of the house.  I might be able to stick a tomato plant or two between the bushes.  :)

Day 4 - Pavers are delivered and installation begins. 
(I love the color and random pattern of the pavers!) 

Day 4 (still!) - The steps leading to the firepit are installed, the retaining wall is finished and the firepit is complete. 

Day 4 (still!) - Our poor wimpy river birch finally got some attention. 
This thing had been growing out of control.  Looks much better now!

Day 5 - Pavers on the patio and fire pit are complete.  Drainage tiles complete. 
Flower beds are starting to take shape. 

Day 6 - Landscaping goes in!!  Man, what a difference this makes.  :)  I love where everything was placed.  Even though we are on a corner lot, we will have tons of privacy!


Day 7 - Landscaping is almost complete.  Just need to add a few more lights so that everything stands out at night. 
The view up the side of the house.....

The firepit.  Goodness gracious......this thing is stunning!!! :)
The view standing at the edge of the pond looking back at the house.  OOOOMMMMMGGGG!! :)

Check out what it looks like at night!!  After a few more lights are installed, it will be perfect.  (And....they will be able to see us from space!)

Day 8 - Finally finished!! 
I can't wait to break this bad boy in!! The forecast shows snow flurries next week so it looks like we finished just in time!! :)

At the last minute, we changed out the lighting in the front of the house.  I love love love the way these up-lights look on the columns. 

The only thing left to do is sit back and enjoy!! :)