My family

My family

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sorrento, Italy

Our time in Sorrento came to an end much too quickly.  

We were up early for one last breakfast.....

and a few more photos (because you really can't have too many!).....

Honeymoon, phase one.....complete.  We had the time of our lives!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Isle of Capri

Today was one of my favorite parts of the trip!! 

We boarded a boat with a few other couples and headed to the Isle of Capri.  :)


The 45 minute boat ride had some of the most breath-taking views....

Folk lore has it that if you kiss your sweetie while going through the "lover's arch", you would be together forever.  

The views were even better once we got onto the island.

We found the cutest little shoe shop where the cobbler was hand-making shoes.  

I had a pair of sandals made and Jim scored some loafers! :)

We spent the day on the island then ended up at the gelateria (of course!).  

It was sooo dang hot on the island!  The picture above cracks me up.  I had just sprinkled baby power down Jim's back to help with the heat.  He was putting up a fight (too manly for baby powder!) so I squeezed the powder container too hard.  This caused a TON of powder to go down the back of this pants! :)  He was looking back to make sure there wasn't a cloud of powder going up when he walked.  LOL!!

Scenes from the island....

Jim bought me the most beautiful necklace on the island.  The bell is the symbol of Capri.  

On the way back, we visited the grottos.   A grotto is an underwater cave that is lit from underground.  The sunlight shines through the rocks, under the water then back up into the cave.  Stunning!!

and.....wait for it..... we went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea!!

And drank more lemoncello! :)

Best.  Day.  Ever!! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Welcome to Paradise!

Everyone warns you about jet lag when you travel overseas.  To be honest, we didn't give it much thought until we woke up on day two of our vacation.  It was 1:00pm!  We both rolled over and went right back to sleep.  :)  

All our energy that day was spent lounging on our balcony not believing we were really in Italy.  

The next several days were spent walking around wide-eyed taking pictures of everything.  

See how narrow the streets are?!

Since our hotel was farther up on the cliff (we did that on purpose so we would have the cliff side views), we were anxious to see the beach area.  

Y'all.....I wish you could've seen these hotels!  Holy moly!!

The first hotel had an outdoor elevator that went down into the cliff taking you to sea level.  

When you reached the bottom, you exited into an underground tunnel that led to the beach.

Sorrento doesn't have the typical sandy beach.  It's more like a rocky shore with lots of docks that stretch into the bay where the boats are docked.

Back into town for more sight-seeing....

Ending the evening in our new favorite joint....

Evidence of the crazy drivers..... 

Then back to our hotel for more drinks by the pool.

One more thing about the hotel room.  If you wanted electricity - duh! - you had to insert a key into the wall.