My family

My family

Friday, July 14, 2017

The whole fam-damily

Y'all!!  I have been totally missing in action lately.

I can't wait to tell you all about Delanie's graduation weekend!!

The week before the family drove 1000 miles to the Great White North, Delanie posted lots of tourist-y things for them to do while here.  

She's such a cutie! 😎

We were busy little bees at our house getting ready for the company.  (All it takes is the promise of guests for me to go into full-out-decorating mode.  LOL!)

We Jim hung Edison lights under the deck (above) for the party then we Jim planted a new rose bush.   

The rose bush (named "Pinky Tuscadero") bloomed just in time for the party!

We go classy with paper plates/cutlery in our household when company is coming (ha!). 


I tried to make up for it by up-cycling a few old sewing drawers I found at a local antique shop. 


I know what you're thinking...... yes, I decided to spruce up the drawers instead of being a big girl and using real plates.  Priorities people!!

I really like the way they turned out and it worked like a charm (and saved TONS of dish-washing!).  

After weeks and weeks of planning for the big event, I was so excited when I saw this posted on social media......

Delanie and I grabbed Bea and Lauren up from the airport then made a Target run.  

After loading up on snacks galore, the girls decided to do mud masks.  

Lauren looked like a smurf....

I looked like I had just gotten a pie in the face....

Delanie's was clear.....

While we waited for the rest of the family, Bea napped + Jim played video games + Delanie/Lauren/I played Speak Up......

If you have never played this game, go right this second and buy it!  It was wet-your-pants-funny.

......and Cards Against Humanity.

The whole fam-damily (that one is for you, Dad!) arrived before dark so we headed to the fire pit and made monster s'mores.  

Seriously, is there ANYTHING better than a s'more???

My peeps.....

I love love love having a full house!!  Bring. It. On.💜

I didn't take one single picture the next day!  

We all slept in, stayed in our pajamas, chatted like magpies and laughed at dirty jokes.  (That pretty much sums up my family in one sentence.)

I made Garrett's favorite chocolate chip cookies (a raw batch for him and a cooked batch for everyone else).  

And everyone got unpacked and settled in for the next day's festivities.  

Stay tuned.......commencement post is next!

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